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Health officials are making PSA (Public Service Announcements ) regarding the Corona-virus. They are advising people to "Cover their coughs and sneezes" and to wash  their hands with soap and water to prevent the  spread of this  disease.

First read this short article. Then find a poster like this

Over several years, I have asked people in charge  of public  areas to install posters and, the LACMTA, repeatedly, in these pages to install posters on board buses; my requests have always been ignored.

Visitors to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympiad, should be aware of the attitude toward health, on the part of people in positions of responsibility; they exhibit an ostrich like position.  Visitors should consider the risks and benefits of making such  a trip.

Mr. Washington! It is time for you  to step up to the plate and assume responsibility for ensuring the safest environment conducive to the protection of your ridership's health, on board trains and buses in Los Angeles. 

The LACMTA political coterie's approach:

Quinto-rate transporto tertia-rate hype.

N.B. Photos should enlarge by clicking once or TWICE on the  image!

Su Topo Proposes a new/replacement Flag for the LACMTA♪

Flag Source: royalty free, Creative Commons

When politicians involve themselves in technical matters, expect failures.

Your Mole recognises when he is being "stonewalled" and further that the LACMTA is not an open organisation; so he will wait until a new CEO comes on scene and try again.  Until then, the LACMTA CEO's Question Time will rest here.

CEO's Question Time

This section is preserved as indication that the LACMTA is NOT responsive (stonewalls) any critisims!

Based upon the Parliamentary PM's Question Time at which questions may be asked of the Prime Minister.

In light of the LACMTA's unilateral actions to "make transfers easier", eliminating Day Passes, etc., One can see that they exhibit the same human kindness toward their captive ridership as those who originally flew the above flag did towards their captives.

Let's start with elimination of Day Passes: Day passes used to cost $7 for those with a TAP card; the passes remained in effect from the time of purchase until 3 A.M on the following day; the passes could be used for multiple trips.  the passes proved to be economical if one rode more than four buses during the period of validity.  This meant that a mother could make multiple shopping trips, pay bills, take children to the doctor etc., etc. all for a daily total Metro charge of $7!

No longer, beginning on July 15th, neither transfers nor Day Passes will be made available on  buses. One can obtain one from rail station vending machines; however will require paying , at minimum, a single bus fare to ride to a rail station AND time to make the trip.This plan the result of the disobliging LACMTA staff, masked as positive, is actually regressive, punitive, illogical and is almost sure to bring about a drop in ridership.  I have asked people, to act on my behalf, to find out the details of this plan regarding transfers and so far there have been no results.  They asked for a clear definition of what transfer on second boarding really means;  Additionally, request were made of Muni agencies and various TAP sites,  to detail the exact amount of money which would be deducted from uses TAP cards based upon their cohort: student; senior and regular passenger.  Again, no definitive replies have been received!  

Apparently a hearing was held Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 1PM, please note, a hallmark of the LACMTA: "the convenient" day of the week (Wednesday)   and time (13:00) of the meeting. A day and time which ensures that the most frequent users of day passes and transfers would be engaged in other activities, such as, earning a living.

What make this even more disgusting is the attempt by the LACMTA, by providing the sketchiest of details, to pass the blame on to the Muni agencies who actually take the money from users' TAP cards.

2020-02-25 Update: As your Mole suspected the Muni Carriers (Big Blue Bus, Culver CityMunicipal Bus Lines, etc., etc., will charge one MORE than  the LACMTA annnounced:  "The transfer charge will not increase". This will happen with no more than a beep from the Muni's farebox, for reasons which will never be explained:  This is confirming that the  the New York City MTA has the process "nailed" by using passenger bank cards, such as Chase to make transportation payments. Because one WILL receive a bank statement and has  some standing to make a complaint.  One reason the is not obvious to the typical LACMTA passenge is that in the  case of a fare box malfunction the Muni carrier will not recognise the LACMTA's (convoluted) "transfer on next boarding" which is conditioned by "something" written to you TAP Card,
 and the "transfer on next boarding" is apparently, unexplainable based upon my attempts to obtain an explanation. Neither could anyone provide me with a list of the amounts to be charged by any of the participating Munis! 

Please, let's diverge for a moment and review the LACMTA's revenue sharing with the Muni agencies.  Please review this report (extract)  LACMTA-REPORT

N.B. the $17,560,833 shared with some Muni agencies and documented in the report; let's determine how many $0.75 transfers the LACMTA could provide to its' passengers with that amount.  It turns out to be 23,414,444! Or in daily terms 64,149 each day for a year!  N.B. the LACMTA freely shares the tax dollars it collects from the taxpayers with other transit agencies but does NOTHING for its' ridership except make their transportation life more difficult and more costly. And that is nothing of which they can be proud.  Under the new transfer plan, this Mole believes that the LACMTA will reduce the Muni operators share of the Measure M revenue stream and tell the Muni operators that they can collect the transfer charges directly.

If the penny-pinching LACMTA were to take some positive action on behalf of its' ridership, it would allow free access to all participating Muni agencies by holders of a Metro TAP card without requiring even 1 penny of payment payment.  That would increase ridership!  There was a day when the Metro pass allowed on to ride the Commuter Buses and the Dash buses.  No longer! This is the reason that La Taupe always says: Every "shakeup" [bi-annual schedule changes] we end up paying more for less!

Everyone associated with the LACMTA should hang their collective heads in shame as a result of this blatant attempt at increasing fare collections and further pick the pockets of the working poor.

Do their bonuses increase by 25% whenever a given accounting period's fare collections increase by 5%?

Especially, now that la Taupe finds, from discussion with someone who assured me that this is true,  Day Passes may be purchased at Toonerville Trolley [light rail] stations!  Once again it is rail-centric 
thinking on the part of the LACMTA.

When politicians involve themselves in technical matters, expect 

New Year

Another Bus Improvement "Plan".

Having a low tolerance for platitudes, this  Mole read the "plan" only to this point: "... a consolidation of some bus routes on streets with the highest demand and combining Metro local and Rapid lines with the overall number of bus stops reduced to improve bus speeds".

Reduction in bus stops? La Taupe reads this as passing you by in order to get the other guy to his destination a little quicker.  And don't forget to add "more walking"!

The LACMTA specialty: setting unachievable goals, then declaring success!

It was reported somewhere that the LACMTA was tracking cell phones in order to (These are your Mole's words) to identify  traffic sources and  sinks.  Why they would feel that these sources of traffic would be amenable to riding the buses with all of the  hardships that entails, is a mystery to this Mole.  I can hear the shouts of joy  when someone declares, "Now, at last we understand how to get people out of their  cars"! - meeting adjourned.

hardships of being a bus rider, in no particular order:

Being jostled by trash bags stuffed with leaking bottles.

Being blocked from exiting the bus by doorways blocked by trash bags stuffed with leaking bottles.

 Being blocked from entering/exiting the bus by doorways blocked by passengers holding interminable chats with the bus driver.

Having to put up with a cacophony of noise produced by: loud cell phone conversations; people playing loud music or viewing videos  on cell phones; 

Having to tolerate the malodorous body scents of those with a poor understanding  of hygiene.

Being exposed to diseases propagated by those who cough or sneeze openly; having to put up with  the lack of action on the part of those in charge to educate people about how to minimise the spread of diseases.

Arguments, threats involving/between other passengers and hopefully, neither you nor me.

Being forced to listen the conversations which are loud, rude and crude and usually long in duration!

In spite of the fact that LACMTA announces that they have security covered,never seeing a Sheriff's Deputy or Police officer on board a bus!  I did see two LAPD officers board a 40 Line bus several weeks ago when a passenger suffered a seizure. The officers checked to see that the  bus was safe for the Fire Department paramedics to board.  That sighting was the first in almost a year and  a half!! The LACMTA encourage one to use their app or to use your cell to call for help .  Here  are their tips.

Then there are passengers, men and women, who have dress codes shared by plumbers. 

Each  month the number of fare avoiders which su Topo sees walking past the fare box seems to increase.  Collect proper fares is a requirement of the LACMTA;not doing so is a breach of fiduciary. Even New York City has the problem  But, unlike out Los Angeles County agency, in the Big Apple, they are applying law enforcement to the problem; not simply ignoring it.

just reading  these tips should  make you  feel less secure.  If someone attacks you with a knife, not an impossible situation, even if you  memorise the telephone number, there is  little likelihood that anyone will arrive in time to save you, sorry! 

Imagining a white Board in the LACMTA's MEETING ROOM

CEO's Question Time

The Mole's 2020 New Year's Wishes.


Here are su Topo's 2020 New Year wishes; which I would like you to read and then implement solutions. If the LACMTA will make them come true, If that happens, it will be the triumph of hope over experience!

That the LACMTA would be more open rather than secretive. For example, reporting to us how much they spent to put up and take down the STOP NUMBER signs.  And exactly why the signs were removed. Then again, some of the signs seem to be reappearing?  Can they make up their minds? Yes, and then again, No.

That the LACMTA would be more considerate of the needs of their ridership.

That LACMTA would provide more and better security aboard trains and buses.

Conversely, my New YEAR WISH is that the RIDERSHIP would would have better   manners.  The answer to "Please remove your feet from the seats",  should be, "yes, I'm Sorry". Not a string of curses and arguments  — and this from a "lady"? Is it any wonder that more usual people try public transportation and soon give up? It is a function of SECURITY and good order.  But since the LACMTA "management", except for the rare, politically motivated, photo op, how could they even know what their "service" is really like.

And yet they boast and perhaps they actually believe that Olympic visitors will become enamored with the fifth-rate "service" which they supply.

I wish that someone would explain why the LACMTA spent lots of citizen's tax money to put up stop number signs around the system and then, without a word, ceased their efforts.  How many were installed?  How many were removed?  Texting is still a viable option to find out bus arrivals, yet few stop have their assigned stop numbers.  Also why, exactly, were the stop number signs removed? And why, as a reliable source communicated to me, are many, many, stop number signs gathering dust while stored unused at Metro propert(y)/(ies).

I wish that for the new year and forward, that the LACMTA would supervise their contractors so that the contractor's drivers would not "entertain"riders by turning off the ASA and then singing out  stops.  many, if not most riders want a safe, quiet trip so that they can listen to personal audio equipment,  sleep, read or just sit quietly.

Why can't the LACMTA install some sort of operator activated strobe light signal to communicate from one bus to another that it desires to transfer passenger(s).  They have been doing this for years; I first observed it in operation in the late 1990s, when I was working on a project for several months, in Phoenix.  See details of the system which seems effective  relatively inexpensive here.here.
Why should it require years to improve service, just have your staff read this and all back issues of this blog and they will have a work list to start on, like, right away!  Oh, you are very welcome Mr. Washington!

I wish that someone could explain why the LACMTA, given the many weaknesses in its poorly conceived and executed transfer system was allowed to go forward given the following: nor audit ability, no refund provision, it anyone's guess as how much is deducted from their TAP card.  When fare boxes are out of service (as they seem to be in the case of a large fraction of M. V. Transportation bus lines (e.g., (Line 125 etc). it is my estimate that a transfer will not be possible and full Muni fare will be deducted instead of the transfer fare.

OCTA - is not a party to the LACMTA'S "Let's eliminate paper transfers" effort.  This cuts off a wide swath of transportation options, to the north (think Fullerton), south really the ENTIRE OCTA area. See map below.

OCTA Service Area

I wish that they'd be brought back into the fold.

I wish that the LACMTA could consider their ridership as people with limited incomes, whose transportation of last resort is the Metro "system".  Mostly they can't rent bicycles, scooters and certainly not cars to convey them to train station or bus stops.

I wish that they would be provided neighbourhood "circulator buses", which would accept their monthly passes at commute times.

An  unwelcome sign: (There are lots of them in Los Angeles!

Notices like these are frequently seen around or near bus stops.  Businesses don't want LACMTA passengers in their facilities, neither does the LACMTA want to provide any creature comforts for their passengers.

The new restrooms at the newly constructed LAXCBC

Sorry, these, as noted by the graffitists, are for the Metro drivers ONLY, not the passengers!  Oh, and by-the-way, Olympic visitor, unless they come from third-world countries, will not like the lack of facilities either! 

No Stop Number Sign here either

How should they have done this? Just lie they did in the Big Apple

Close Enough for LACMTA Work

Please translate the view above to a 2019 wish that LACMTA would train their drivers to position their buses at the bus stop "flag", close enough to the curb to be a safe, easy step away.  This guy is about a metre away from the curb! This driver thinks that passengers can easily reach the curb —which is obviously too far a way for a safe exit.   Either the drivers are not trainable or they just don't care.  which do you think it is? 

Good Enough for LACMTA Work

Another 2020 wish is that the LACMTA would supervise their bus stop cleaning contractors so that they actually clean the bus stop, not just do the absolute minimum. Shown above is an often seen condition, the dustbin inside the metal frame is emptied, well eventually.  In this case the plastic liner has been removed and positioned adjacent to, above in the photo, the metal frame is adjacent to, below in the photo.  But, within the metal frame, at the bottom waste continues to collect without ever being emptied. It accumulates in situ, over weeks or months, perhaps even years. Of course, the LACMTA makes no provision to follow up, supervise contractors or penalise poor work.

The LACMTA seems stymied as to how to deal with this situation.  So, su Topo will advise them: (1) Send a letter to the CEO of each organisation which has the responsibility of cleaning bus stops.  Say, "Payments will not be made  when stops show that cleaning has not been properly performed. The portion held back will represent the total owed divided by the number of stops in the contract the amount to clean a single stop— multiplied by the stops which have been inspected and found to be inadequately cleaned.;2) inspect the stops, note and photograph the deficiencies.  You should see a flurry of activity to remediate the problems.  You will also experience  a decrease in poorly cleaned stops.  There is a term for this activity, it is called MANAGEMENT!  There is also a term for the manner in which the LACMTA presently conducts business in this area.  It is called "paying good money for fourth-rate work".

In 2020 I wish that the LACMTA would supervise their contractors, like MV Transportation, to set the volume of their on board stop announcements, dispatch radios, etc., below the threshold of pain. [why can't they use the same  "telephone" system used by Metro?]at a comfortable listening level.

Another Badly Positioned Bus .

2019-06-12 morning ITC  [Although this could be any bus stop anywhere]:  As I waited for a bus, the bus pictured above (sort of) pulled up to curb. It is dangerous for elderly riders to make the long step down.  It seems, and this may be a close call, that the lady drivers park this way slightly more than the men —it was a lady driver in this case!

I'd like to show a bus parked well but, believe me, I haven't seen very many!

Mr Washington: Sooner or later a senior citizen, with bad eyesight or poor depth perception or BOTH, will step down from a rear bus exit, misjudge the distance and fall and perhaps, tragically end up partly under the bus, only to be run over!  This in spite of your recorded on board announcement to: "Be careful when exiting the bus [they should add] "because many drivers park so poorly at bus stops!" [Mole addition]

How you should be addressing the problem, Mr. Washington: Have your supervisors pay attention to the drivers' parking styles.  When they do a poor job, such as the lady above, issue them an invitation to attend remedial training on the following Saturday.  That Saturday should train them as how to park at a bus-stop as a professional should or receive another free invitation to a training day the next Saturday.  Oh, and it should be a three strikes and you're out; because they can hone their skills during the workweek!

La Taupe can no longer keep from expressing his opinion about the state of the LACMTA's / Metro's on board Wi-Fi.  Today he  rode aboard three buses, the first ride was short so he didn't try to use Wi-Fi; It was UNAVAILABLE on the next two. The self promotion slogan, "It's all for you!", rings even falser when put to the test. 

Mr. Washington: I believe,for good reasons, that you bought the cheapest access points you could find. Probably designed to be used in a home office. 
When actually, you should be spending more and purchasing  industrial strength equipment that can take the pounding which accompanies being  installed on bard a bus which weighs between 25,000 and 40,000 pounds (11337.8684807 kg ~ 18140.5895692kg) 

What is required is that  bus operators check the Wi-Fi at the beginning and 
end of their shift and turn in complaints to IT at the end of their shift so that IT could remediate the problems. Then the buses could leave in the morning with Wi-Fi which works!

I can't really believe that anyone checked with other transportation companies and see what equipment they recommended.  Then following up whit metro staff using that carrier's system and then checking a significant sample of the carrier's ridership to determine their level of enchantment. 

As an example, this Mole's satisfaction quotient with your installed Wi-Fi  system does NOT rise to any level of enchantment.                                      

                                     In the aftermath of a recycler

Things Olympic visitors will love about the LACMTA "system".          
2019-07-20 morning: While waiting for a bus, su Topo watches a recycler
litter the area as he scrounges for things of value.

Here we find that again, they have enough strength to pull things out of the dust bus while scrounging for bottles and cans; but not enough strength to return things to their proper place!

Other things Olympic visitors will love: the cursing, arguments and fights aboard transportation; the cacophony of loud (boring) cell calls; the playing of incompatible music loudly by several riders; Unrequested singing by one's fellow riders.

Threading their way through aisles and exits blocked by trash bags stuffed with recyclables and sometimes leaking; Shopping carts, home built conveyances; and sometimes, such as this morning, by a 21+ stone man, who although not Méxicano, because of his ability to  completely prevent one from passing him in the aisle and his slow pace, I'll call "La Puerta".
Exactly whoº is the LACMTA working for?

It is not the ridership! The ridership is not interested in whether 28 half-vast projects are completed by 2028! 

Their interests are more along the lines of where can I find a Bloody Loo?

The LACMTA has deluded itself that those who visit  Los Angeles for the 2028 Olympics will fall in love with the LACMTA's feeble efforts to provide "the best transportation in the universe". Those who come from an area with rapid transit will not fall in love with the fifth-rate "system. Those who come from the fly-over part of the country, who really have no basis of comparison, may think it's great. Your Mole is a good predictor; he has experienced the world's greatest transportation systems: New York' Chicago; Tokyo; London; Paris; Mexico City; Seoul; etc. 

Even Atlanta with about one half million population has a grade separated link to it's airport (Hartsfield-Jackson). It takes one from the city directly to the airport! 

I mean DIRECTLY to the airport.  Not some convoluted plan that uses multiple transfers, along with the attendant schlepping of luggage —won't that be fun and as an added benefit one can cross a visit to the "hood" off his bucket list!

And talk about crowded; Tokyo's Yamanote-Sen is crowded! They use real full scale rail cars!  Not the tiny, coffin-like Expo Line cars   (no doubt the cheapest things available) (and perhaps these minis will be used on the Crenshaw Line, too) La Taupe can easily touch the ceiling of these cars, while taller men may strike their heads.  Better increase your insurance coverage, LACMTA!

New York's subways are often crowded too, but again, they use full size cars.  Seoul's subways are crowded and the cars are full size, bigger than the Los Angeles' Toonerville Trolleys.  Su Topo was offered a seat on a subway by a Korean man, who he thanked in Korean "kamsahamnida", and declined his offer of a  seat.

Who will give their seats to Olympic visitors? Not the homeless, stretched out asleep, not the people who sit across two seats with their legs bent and their feet on the seat next to the aisle.  Not the people who use on seat for their [Select as many as required: hand bag; back pack; boxes full of plastic bags; shopping carts: etc., etc.] And good luck to whomever follows these people who leave who know what sort of stain producing leavings on the seats?

I wish in 2020 that  LACMTA would collect fares from all passengers —as they do in Las Vegas— [see also  security above] rather than having income be drained away it is a crime, theft of services AND very likely is a breach of fiduciary responsibility, on the part of the LACMTA management for failing to obtain ALL REVENUE DUE TO THEM!

As I ride. I estimate, conservatively, that I witness a MINIMUM of 2 people per bus that have zero balance TAP cards or say "courtesy ride" or walk on past the driver without saying a word.  Given a 19 hour day and 6,000 buses, the total amount LOST would be: $399,000

LAWA Flyaway Bus with a METRO tribute!

In 2020 it is wished that the LACMTA foster a culture of openness and transparency! Providing quarterly and annual reports for each significant project, reporting which reflects project status in terms of ahead of or behind plan and a budget metric showing dollars over/under budget would allow the public to evaluate their competency or incompetency!

Riding LACMTA services is generally not that pleasant to begin with and is only made more unpleasant by experiencing the above "punishments". 

Can this be true?

As I walked the halls of the Taj Mahal this month, as the guest of an employee who was not aware that he was talking to the Mole, la Taupe looked through the open door of a room identified as the Office of Exceptional Ineptitude and took the photo shown above.  It must be true because, as I rack my brain, I can add no accomplishment to their list.  


As I looked more carefully, at the other end of the room I saw another white board, took a photo of it and placed that photo above.  You may not be aware that the LACMTA was criticised for spending taxpayers' money on entertaining themselves.  It is good to note that the criticism was effective and they now have fixed spending limits on their entertainment.  

Additional Suggestions for the New Year (2020)

LACMTA:  here are some things which you can easily improve.

Institute a 740 stop at Imperial BL to connect with the 120 line.

Presently, riders of the southbound 740 must walk a longish one block plus plus and then endure a very dangerous crossing of the two lane on ramp of the 105 freeway!

Allow for request stops so as to better intersect with desired transfer buses. When a bus must stop for a red light at a curb and a metro stop is just steps away from the curb, allow passengers to exit.  Example: The situation described just above exists at the intersection of Century BL and Hawthorne BL with the 40/740 northbound lines crossing South-North and the South bound 40/740 lines crossing North-South.  If the Eastbound 117 stops for a red light at the SOUTH-West corner of the intersection, riders, like me –frequently, could walk a few steps in safety to catch the bus.  Usually riders like me are FORCED by some edict that is supposed to be for “safety” to ride the 117 to the stop at the SOUTH-EAST corner of the intersection than cross BUSY, BUSY Hawthorne BL, after a long wait for a walk light, then doge heavy traffic to get back where they were (on the bus) minutes ago.  Often the view they get of the 40/740 is the of tail-lights of the departing bus; missed it!!

Moving the bus stop at 96th Street and Airport BL just a few feet South so that no vehicle could pass a stopped bus. This is so easy, even for the LACMTA, that it is a no brainer.  Eventually, someone who debused at the stop, in the midst of crossing 96th Street, will be struck and seriously injured or killed by a vehicle which zoomed around the stopped bus.

Re-route the 232 Line legacy path that is an artifact of one way streets which no longer exist.  It wastes fuel, imposes unnecessary wear and tear on buses and travels an unnecessarily elongated route. The present route, and this applies only to the Northbound 232: turns left (EAST) from Sepulveda at Mariposa; follows Mariposa to NASH where it turns right (SOUTH) and proceeds to the bus stop and drops Green line passengers and picks up Long Beach bound passengers backtracks to Grand AV where it turns right; proceeds to Sepulveda where it turns right over-running it's first traverse. This is an artifact of a long-ago changed pattern of one-way streets.

The Mole's suggested reroute (for years): from Sepulveda turn right at Grand AV; proceed EAST to Nash; turn left and drop Green Line MARIPOSA STATION  PASSENGERS on the EAST SIDE OF NASH; and pickups LAX bound passengers there as well; Make a left turn onto Mariposa; proceeds to Sepulveda where it make a right turn onto existing route.  The existing stop at Sepulveda, just north of Grand, can be served from a new stop at Grand, just east of Sepulveda.

A new stop on the North Side of Mariposa at Continental will be necessary.

The SOUTHBOUND 232 can continue on its' current route without change; EXCEPT that it would be ideal to loop through Plaza El Segundo by turning left off Sepulveda into South Hughes Way; then following the route of the WESTBOUND 125 through Plaza El Segundo; Exiting at Park PLace with a left turn onto Sepulveda.

The LACMTA hates to move bus stops even when it is necessary and they end up with a ridiculous route.

The 115 Westbound bus, near the end of the route, passes the northwest corner of Sepulveda Bl and La Tijera BL located at Sepulveda Bl and La Tijera Bl; which shopping center has a large supermarket, a pharmacy, a bank, and quite a few restaurants.  Instituting a request stop there would require no expense and only a brief stop to discharge passengers. In the past there was a bus stop sited there; until it was removed.  Perhaps it was too convenient! It would be nice to see the LACMTA do something for its' ridership!  How about it?

Then there is the 117 Line stop at Century BL and  Aviation Bl near LAX.    The stop was relocated to the north EAST corner of Century and Aviation   while he Crenshaw Line flyover of Century Bl was being constructed.  Now, years later the construction has been completed but the stop remains.  Both CCMBL and BBB  stop on the northeast corner of  the Century Bl and Aviation Bl —in fact those organisation never changed their bus stops.  This means that 117 Line passengers must debus at the stop on the northeast corner of Aviation BL, as noted above, cross a very busy intersection and walk almost a full block in total to make that connection.  LACMTA!, revert to the former bus stop and save your passengers some hassle and provide a smooth transfer experience.
Trash cans? We don't need no trash cans!

The photograph below documents the situation at the Maxella AV and Lincoln BL stop on the BBB number 3 Line. It is the sort of “work” one would expect from the LACMTA. They taped or caused to be taped shut the aperture in the plastic pipes associated with power poles. These pipes continue to be used as improvised trash cans. BBB N.B. The stop still needs a trash can!

BBB Maxella Trash Fix???

Su Topo will include this comment in every post with the above until BBB corrects the problem. For quite awhile BBB has been charging for inter-line transfers, reversing the long-standing policy of free transfers to other BBB lines. This presents the BB as less friendly to its ridership than in years past.

Too, BBB has spent lots of money to build a big headquarters on Colorado BL just east of 4th Street. Mr. King, just a few dollars for a trash can, you might need a few more to cover other bus stops too, will erase this section. After all, it is Marina Del Rey! :-)

Why a trash container is needed♪

The photo above shows exactly what people will do when a trash container is not provided. They will jury rig something. What they did, in this case, is rip off the tape which covered the plastic pipes at the base of the utility pole and stuffed their trash into the pipe, nice, huh?

Edward F. King, Director of Transit Services
City of Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus

The man pictured above could ensure that trash containers are installed along BBB routes with a simple three-line memorandum.

White Line Incursion Series
Su Topo uses video to highlight the problem of scofflaw drivers endangering Metro bus passengers yet, no authority seems to want to take ownership of the problem. The issue is not unique to the particular site documented by your Mole, but is illustrative of a general problem. Your Mole encourages you to report similar problems to the appropriate agencies in your area(s) and hope that you will have better luck than he. In the youtube.com videos linked below one can see exactly what happens when the policing agencies fail to enforce traffic laws. 

Further, when the agency responsible for public transportation is so lacking in every skill necessary for success yet will apply their only tool to the job.  when your only tool is a PR flack; then every issue seem soluble by issuing a boastful press release.

The video(s) linked below document the important fact that a never- ending stream of vehicles fail to use the lane as required by law.

Neither are the policing agencies active when it comes to protecting us by bringing these obvious and frequent traffic law violations to an immediate halt. The LACMTA is derelict as well, in that they fail to use the near hourly proof of the violations captured by the on board cameras, mentioned here, and discussed at length in the posting of 2012-05-31.

2018-09-30 [Not updated for a while but la Taupe is confident that the incursions continue. One video will suffice for the many.

In this video you will see Enterprise Rant-A-Car Shuttles  cutoff a 111 Line bus. It represents the typical dangerous incursion of other traffic across a solid white line into the bus' lane

These incursions happen multiple times per day so it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs.

Airport auto rental shuttle drivers, FlyAway drivers and others, if shown in the above videos, are all Class-B operators and should know better; but often they don't care and neither does the LACMTA nor any of the policing agencies which have jurisdiction in the area.

Please carefully note that in some videos, pedestrians are pinned to the curb by the vehicles that cut in front of the bus —as a result these pedestrians are illegally denied the right-of-way. Which right-of-way would be unchallengeablely theirs IF, and only IF, Mr. Washington would review su Topo’s simple solution (vide infra) and implement it.

In spite of the potential for these violations to occur several times per HOUR, I have never seen a police presence at this location. One would think that with a bus schedule taped to the dashboard one of the several policing agencies would have made some arrests by now. Unless they have "more important" work to do than protecting bus passengers.

Thanks to www.youtube.com or their excellent video support!
La Taupe feels that it is appropriate to dedicate these video(s) to ALL the agencies that should be protecting us. So, they are dedicated to (1): Airport (LAWA) Police, (2) the L.A.P.D., (3) the L. A. County Sheriff’s Department and (4) Mr. Washington who is the current CEO of the LACMTA.

Mr. Washington, Su Topo has recommended a simple solution to the problem. That is, have the 111 Line buses pull up to pedestrian crosswalk, stop there stop and discharge passengers. Doing so eliminates the space in front of the bus which the always-in-a-hurry scofflaws use to cut in front of the bus. But, with the LACMTA nothing is simple. Although the solution could be implemented with nothing more than a memo to the 111 Line drivers, it is a task for which the LACMTA so far has proved to be inadequate.

Office of Exceptional Ineptitude
Rumour Central
The plans are not yet final but there are leaks to the effect that the OOEI has considered out maneuvering Elon Musk, after the good press which obtained after he detailed his high-speed subway transportation system.

A Filthy Bus Stop, number 07547.

When one encounters a situation like this, try to rectify it by calling the number below which usually appears on the bus bench.  When the stop is cleaned, the detritus inside the metal framework and under the blue litter can is almost never removed. The word "fifth rate" comes to mind.  Also the words unsupervised and/or poorly managed play a large role in the way the LACMTA interfaces, if they do actually interface, with their contractors.  This is a simple thing to correct; just supervise the vendors tasked to do the cleanup!

An even Filthier Bus Stop, number 08670.

This  scene makes a statement about management; really about how management is breaching their fiduciary responsibility. Taxpayer funds are spent on cleaning bus stops; in actuality,  taxpayer funds are paid to vendors who are contracted to clean the bus stops, whether the vendors do a good or extremely poor job, as in the situation pictured above.

 Call for Maintenance.

Bus stop benches often have a contact number affixed to them. I can't say always because as you have seen, the LACMTA seems to lack effective processes —they could never conform to ISO 9000 requirements—.

As for calling maintenance, la Taupe called once, and surprise, no action was taken.

Bottle Scavengers took the plastic liner!♪ Stop number ITC

As one can see, the plastic liner is missing; taken to hold recycled bottles, most likely.

A contractor cleans up ITC

Pictured above, we can see an LACMTA contractor, WMS, putting ITC in order.  As I waited for 740 bus, the four man crew was hard at work.

2018-09-15  Another cleaning crew is at work at the ITC on this Saturday Morning.  They are using a pressure hose stream to clean up, most of, but not all the blobs of gum which dot the pavement of the Center. It looks quite good when compared to an earlier state; Perhaps they need the hoses employed by BBB to remove all traces of the blobs? However, some users seem unfamiliar with the concept of a rubbish bin. 

Extremely Dirty Parada!

It appears that the recyclers have attacked this rubbish bin, too. Emptying its contents and then taking the plastic liner and anything that could be recycled.

A theory of personal development to which I subscribe, suggests that one should never point out a problem without proposing a solution.  

Solving the problem.

The Problem - trash bins only partly emptied like the one shown above.

It would also be best practice to stencil the bus stop number as your Mole did in his photo.  

Here is a view with the plastic container removed.

It  is easy to see, and remove the trash, perhaps, with a rake like implement.Rather than let it accumulate month, after month, after month!  Which sloppywork provide food for insects and rodents which in turn, become vectors for diseases.

2020-02-21 (Update) 

Months after the photo preceding this one was taken the same situation obtains, i.e., the Republic Barrel has been emptied,but the accumulation of months of trash is still left below the barrel! Nice work Republic,NOT!

This Container has been attacked by a recycler!

Then too, one must not place too much blame on the cleaners —because the LACMTA makes no attempt to quality control, inspect  or oversee the work.

An Even Dirtier Parada!♪

2018-09-23 at the bus stop located at the south-east corner of the intersection of Santa Monica and Sepulveda Blvds, I see one of the dirtiest Bus Stops in Los Angeles.  The LACMTA loves to boast about how tourists during the Olympic Games will be surprised that Los Angeles has such an "advanced transportation System".  I say that they will be shocked to see how Los Angeles has such a "Third Worldly like transportation System".

A Stairway at a rail Station.

 As almost everything associated with the LACMTA it is abominably maintained.  In this case some riders cannot hold on their rubbish until they can properly dispose of it.  Their thoughtlessness endangers their fellow riders, who could slip on the thoughtlessly disposed of plastic or other slippery materials and fall; all compounded by the fact that the LACMTA seems to be in no hurry to cleanup the mess.

The conditions pictured above a clear indication that the LACMTA is incapable of managing its' contractors.  Su Topo never hesitates to offer his considered opinion.

There is no question that the LACMTA lacks an organisational structure to manage those who supply contract services to the agency.  So, here is a solution: Stop all bonus payments to management and any others who are presently paid bonuses.  The bonus, for people who adequately preform their job functions should be that they keep their jobs.  Generally, LACMTA management are overpaid and supplied with too many perks.  The perks, too, should be greatly reduced.  Chauffeurs and company supplied cars should be eliminated.  There are lots of buses and riding them may help management understand what is wrong with their system, e.g., too many free rider and some, perhaps only a few, rude operators.  

Management should focus on the Metro ridership, making things move faster, smoother and more comfortable along with providing the much needed restrooms along the way.

Unfortunately, the management. IMHO, thinks that their job is to sit in the Taj Mahal and dream up ways to spend money.

Further evidence of the LACMTA's approach to maintenance.

We know that this is the Metro, but really, what are you trying to tell us?

An Accident Waiting to Happen!

Confused drivers, pedestrians, tired Train Operators, or any combination or permutation of these, which at grade level, can cause fatalities. Note the downward slope of the tracks which can result in an additional operator workload in controlling trains. 

Oops, trip on this OOEI artifact and you'll be under the bus!

Extremely sloppy work!  A bus stop flag pole was removed here leaving the pole's foundation very near the curb, for children, the aged or anyone at all to trip over and fall into the street.  If one was hurrying, one might well end up under the wheels of the bus.  All that needed to be done here was to remove   the four nuts holding the base in place, remove the base and then with a metal cutting blade saw the protruding bolts level with the concrete.  A  professional worker could perform the job in minutes.  But the LACMTA's failure to supervise its' workers or contractors results in the situation depicted above.  Worse yet, is the LACMTA's failure to see what has to be done.

How will the LACMTA solve this problem? Well, the LACMTA will hold a series of meeting over months and then likely forget about the problem. 

Your Mole proposes this solution: Whenever a training bus is covering a route, on the first and last trip of route training, the operator being trained and the trainer would both alight at each stop and check it for safety.  Both parties would fill out a bus stop safety report.  That way new operators would be indoctrinated into a culture of safety and know how to report bus stop safety issues; the experienced trainer would add to his/her knowledge and be able to discuss issues he/she had seen with their trainee.

Brilliant idea Mole!  Hardly that, but it is logical thinking.  

The Sign Most Dreaded by LACMTA Riders!

One can't find a loo when they are most needed!  Does anyone really believe that the LACMTA management really cares?  After all, they just tell their chauffeur to pull into the nearest coffee shop so that they can have a "break".  

They are going to spend $8,000,000 on a few new restrooms and the rehab of a   few more at Union Station!  When will those restrooms be ready?  La Taupe's estimate: it will be a couple of years and the restrooms in Union Station will likely be out of service for a long while too.  

How BBB Gets It Done!

This worker, using a high pressure delivery system leaves a clean, really clean bus stop.  Not like the messes found at LACMTA Transportation Centers, such as ITC!  And at the many filthy bus stop around the city.  Well ITC was cleaned up, kind of, but the outlines of the gum blobs were retained.  How about a do0over with a higher pressure hose?

BBB has Nextbus!

This is not related to the Office of Incredible Ineptitude, but rather another BBB work product which serves to show how a more honest transportation provider names their supplier's product, i.e., correctly, viz., "nextbus" and they kept the stop numbers and texting in place as a benefit for its ridership.

While the LACMTA, sneakily, er, covertly did away with the many, if not most, of the stop numbers without offering a word of explanation.

Nextbus on my iPhone, it's GREAT!

I simply opened the nextbus.com site using my browser, it took over asked permission to use my location, which permission I granted and voilà; I was presented with all the bus availability at stops within reasonable walking distance of my position.  Shown above is on the first screen of several.  importantly, there is no need for an "app", because since Tim Cook stopped updating my iPhone at iOS6 which then froze all my apps, which, although had updates available, they were denied to me.  When this iPhone fails, I'm going with Samsung!

The nextbus.com site, a valuable tool!
But, where there is the will, there is a way.  Su Topo visited the nextbus page at Next Bus: Using the drop down menu; set the bus route number to 130 (Or your desired choice of the route; selected the stop that I have used and will be using at some other time in the future, to Hawthorne Blvd and Artesia and voila, the stop number "00147" was filled in for me.

Now I can note that stop number and its location in my agenda and soon I will have reconstructed the subset of stop numbers which I require.

It would had been much easier if the LACMTA, stupidity, er, I mean, with lack of intelligence, had not rushed to waste money and removed the stop number signs which had cost quite a bit to install in the first place.  

Please contemplate Mole's Law Number 1: "When politicians involve themselves in technical matters, expect failures." 

 They Should Have just placed the stop number as shown by your Mole, above

That way the numbering system would have had relevance far into the future.   it could been adapted to emergency services, 911 reporting when an incident occurs away from numbered houses or people have trouble pronouncing local street or intersection names.

Stenciling the numbers on the bus flag is economical and efficient - if you know what your Mole means.  But no,the LACMTA seems to act before it thinks.

LDOT has nice Stop Numbers!

This is the way the LACMTA should have done it.  Fast, simple and understandable.

Metro's Flag a revés

At sea, a vessel in distress will fly its' flag upside down. It is only right that, given the dysfunctional LACMTA, we should fly Metro's flag in that manner.
In this section it is su Topo's intention to call your attention to situations which he has observed that highlight the "LACMTA Way" of doing things.

Gina Marie Lindsey (LAWA Executive Director (2007-2015)

An "homage" to her "contribution" to LAX transportation.

Your Mole would like the former head of LAWA remembered for her "contribution" to Los Angeles area public transportation. She was quicker than her former contemporary, the former bus driver who was head of the LACMATA, to implement the lucrative FlyAway service and discouraged all attempts, however feeble, to bring other modes of transportation to LAX.

Too, we should memorialize her attitude against public transportation directly serving LAX.  She stymied the "transportation directly-to-airport access pattern" used by many, if not most, world-class airports, to wit, "you go under the airport, it is fraught with problems, ...” [hardly a get it done attitude!].


Another Out Of Service Fare Box

This Mole has seen numerous Fare Box Failures and can only see problems with a fare box which fails to flag TOSB as valid resulting in the creation of an invalid transfer situation which will be totally uncontrollable by the passenger.  And will result in that passenger paying full fare on a Muni (non-LACMTA) Bus instead of a transfer fare.

Usually farebox OOS (Out Of Service) conditions are noted in a special section (below). Beginning with this issue, because an out of service fare box can negatively affect ones transportation; One will likely not be able to add funds to one's Tap Card and will therefore not be conditioned for a transfer; because the "TOSB" flag (as discovered when I reverse engineered the LACMTA's poorly designed and ineptly implemented transfer "system") will not be set in transfer mode.

The LACMTA's Own Crumbling Infrastructure

Elevator at the Harbour Freeway Busway Station

Note the  filthy condition of this elevator.  The LACMTA never seems to fix or clean anything.

The Los Angeles Toonerville Trolley experience

<Ear to the rail

«On a toujours l'art de mentir quand on parle à des gendarmes



Merci beaucoup à <http://evene.lefigaro.fr/citationpour la citation !

[We always have the art of lying when we talk to gendarmes.

Louis Philippe (1773-10-06~1850-08-26)

Merci beaucoup  à google.fr pour le matériel biographique !

Ars longa vita breva 

Amanecer, 1646–47, Claude Lorrain

Claude Lorrain (born 1600~1682-11-23); voici son Sunrise

Some further examples of her work can be seen here. (N.B. Some may be for adults ONLY!)

Thank you to https://wikipedia for the work above!


Paul Dukas  (1865-10-01~1935-05-17)

Voici son  L'Apprenti Sorcier     

Thank you youtube.com for allowing us to hear these beautiful 

Merci bien  à google.fr pour le matériel biographique.

Here is something from a musical genre which I hope you'll like.

N.B. Here is the URL for KXLU's embedded player

A Snippet from THE KXLU Web Site

Serenata de Trios - KXLU . Musique en Eapañol Sunday evenings Pacific Time
(Monday 02:00 UTC).

Serenata de Trios on KXLU(88.9 FM Los Angelesfeatures authentic acoustic musica, which your Mole really likes! :-)

One can also listen on kxlu.com Then select the Broadcast quality which you desire [Under Quality] at Pacific Time or at the UTC day/time noted above, Record the broadcast if you can.  Su topo uses VLC) to Record Internet broadcasts for a more convenient listening time.  Here is a pre-programed search for music like that played on Seranata de Trios; so that you can [self-curate] your musical program. Please use it to find something you like.

Looks like someone took away  my pre-programed search.

Please, just open  a Google page and, in the search block, type: Serenata de Trios +site:youtube.com  (that way the search will be launched from your local google and not point back to this page).  Thank you

Y Muchas gracias a Serenata de Trios y KXLU for their terrific music and inspiration!

Serenata de Trios on KXLU(88.9 FM Los Angelesfeatures authentic acoustic musica, which your Mole really likes! :-)

Again,as always, Thank you youtube.com for allowing us to listen to all this beautiful music!

Metro Area – Lower your expectations!♪

Inured? You'd better be inured if your only transportation is Metro!  Look at the  rear of this bus and see that the prescient graffiti artists have warned you about the future of Los Angeles transportation.

The Mole rides again so that you are not accosted by "Pastors" and other annoying people. 

(dates are ISO8601 format, times are expressed in the 24 hour system.)

Dear Mr. Washington: Would you PLEASE address these issues?

Some drivers are, how can I say?, poorly socialised and/or lacking in basic manners.  They ignore "Good Morning", and other greetings.  It make for a thoroughly unpleasant start of a bus ride.   The real fault is with the LACMTA and Metro management; who should provide training and set minimum expectations of behaviour for drivers so they don't appear to be one step below animals. 

And update their driving skills —no simple task because the majority drivers are unable to pull up to a bus-stop curb equidistant from it and an an easy step away, making exiting the bus simple and safe!

And teach them that the the bus-stop is at the flag.  I have been bypassed because, apparently, the driver thought that I was "off base".

Is it poor training OR SOME DEFECT IN THE TYPE OF PEOPLE THAT YOU recruit?

And I point out that you are not doing you duty if you let lots and lots and lots of passengers ride free! You are not collecting money owed to the LACMTA.

2020-02-26: Aboard a 212 Line bus: After boarding, the man immediately begins attempting to engage other passengers in conversation: "Have you ever been to New York?" He tried me but I didn't even look at him.  Then he offered to lead us in prayer, ignored, he "prayed aloud" anyway, then continued with a stream of incomprehensible gibberish.  Wesuffred through this for almost 40 minutes, until he left the bus —¡Gracias a Dios!  Olympic visitors, these are the sorts of fellow passengers who are waiting to greet you aboard public transportation in Los Angeles. 

The arrow points to a large, partially concealed, undoubtedly unsanitary bag of recyclables.

2019-11 This passenger, with the implied permission of the LACMTA and Metro management boarded with this disease vector.

 Here is another passenger with his own possible disease vector.

2019-11 This passenger's large bag of recyclables is more easily identified.

2019-11 late afternoon: La Taupe rides a 40 Line bus, seated at about the mid-point of the bus. A woman is seated to his right nearer the front, she caries on a mostly incomprehensible conversation with her self. 

In the rear of the bus, a man is shouting at someone (neither can be seen) "Stay away from me and my food or I'll stab you in the face!"

Door Blocker.

2019-11 The bus operator allowed this man, —let's call him the Incredible Bulk— impeded ingress and egress to the bus for the entire trip! Sometimes he faced forward, narrowing the gap between him and the drivers compartment appreciably.

No Times for Peak/Off Peak.

2019-11-11 They show the names of the periods in both English and Español. But do not associate any actual times for the periods?? Shall we just supply our own times?  Oh well, it is just the LACMTA doing as poorly as they can!

So, who but, la Taupe would provide them?

Off-Peak hours
 include weekdays 9am - 3pm and 7pm - 5am; 
All weekends and Federal holidays.
Peak hours 
are everything not included above!

No Internet Connection!

Aboard what seems to be a;most any bus recently. La Taupe, prevented from reading by the ambient noise, finds Internet news surfing is less demanding.
But the internet is mostly unavailable.  Unavailability takes two forms the one shown above is type 2. 

Please view the photo of his iPhone screen just above, clicking on it, twice, should provide the largest view. Note that it says "No Internet Connection" just below the name of the on-board access point,Viz., Free Metro Wi-Fi.  To an IT Professional this will mean that his device (in this instance my cell phone) is connected to the on-Board access point, BUT, the access point could NOT establish a connection to the ISP (Internet Service Provider).  The result is it appears that something is happening yet the user is not able to "surf". 

Your Mole has seen this "Ploy" any number of times.  Usually in franchised restaurants, e.g, McDonald's, etc.  The staff will quickly tell you  that lots of people have been using the  Wi-Fi without complaining, followed by, "it must be  your device!". That will usually be enough  for non professionals. Su Topo had a number of diagnostic tools on his iPhone and will show the  staff member what is wrong.  That will frequently end with the  staff member say something like "my  boss wants me back in the kitchen".

Aboard LACMTA buses there are no staff members and the drivers don't know much about the system.  This allows the LACMTA to say "Free Wi-Fi on board buses is all for you!", while at the same time avoid maintenance costs, new equipment etc.  Some months back, this Mole complained about Wi-Fi on  the  local Dot buses. He could never once establish an Internet connection from  one of  these buses. 

You  Mole is  confident that the LACMTA bought  the absolutely cheapest gear it could find with out an adequate field test which would prove the equipment fit for purpose or not. Please seen the Mole Reads section (vide supra) of this month's posting and find out what other, more competent transportation organizations are doing about  mobile Wi-Fi.  What is know about the Wi-Fi infrastructure, is that after a change from the former ISP, the newest ISP is a foreign organization named Complex Systems Pte. (British for Inc./LLC.. Perhaps they charged too much or more likely, they couldn't find a way to compensate for the "cheap gear" and make it operable given the rough physical conditions inherent in bus travel.

The On-board Wi-Fi situation has gotten much worse; it has been over a week since su Topo could establish anything like a reliable connection. It has become his firm belief that the on-board equipment is not fit for purpose, Vis., said equipment is too flimsy to standing up to the pounding it must take on the streets of Los Angles.

2019-10-18 Some days your Mole rides four buses, other days he rides six buses.  So, lets assume that on an average day La Taupe rides five buses.

5 buses per day for 7 days equals  35 buses per week. During a recent week he could only successfully connect with the Internet on two buses during the week.  The ration which obtains is of 2:35.  That can be expressed as a decimal success rate of  0.05 , 5%.  That gives rise to, at best, "One half Cheer for the LACMTA".                          


These promises go back, perhaps back two years, yet remain unfulfilled!
Real time customer support? Never seen how one obtains it!
Live Chat? I do't think so! I feel lucky if the service is available at all and persists through my reading of the Drudge report.

Continuing on the point of breach of fiduciary, vis-à-vis WiFi; Monies are spent with the approval of the CEO, although the contract administration might be performed by a contracting office, etc. You Mole cannot give legal opinions as  he is none of the following: Barrister; Solicitor; or anything else which could be understood as lawyer! However, when contractors are neither supervised nor have quality control applied to their work product, it seems that responsibility should be assigned to some entity in the organization. 

In short work is left undone or performed improperly then some entity in the organization must bear the responsibility.  In the ASA flaw cited above, which admittedly is a tiny matter; we all understand that the devil is in the details so maters small  and large could be resolved. It seems that no one in the LACMTA cares enough to receive full value of the LACMTA’s disbursements —which are really taxpayers dollars, aren’t they?

Would you like another example?  Gladly! Your Mole has commented about the poor job of bus stop cleaning by several vendors.

Here is another vendor, paid by the LACMTA, yet left unsupervised OR who is working under such a poorly detailed contact, that his slip-shod performance is left unchallenged OR some LACMTA entity is not following up!

I approach a bus stop to wait for a bus just as a Republic Service Waste hauling truck is leaving after a Republic employee has "emptied" the rubbish container.


2019-12-06 pictured above is an improperly dressed passenger which Olympic tourists and others will encounter aboard Los Angeles public transportation.  Won't that be fun!

Dog on Board.

2019-12-09 Or the man above who brought his pet aboard!.

2019-12-11 Or the passenger who emitted such powerful effluvia, that I had to leave the bus.  Then after walking to the next stop, I found him waiting there.  Thankfully, soon after boarding our next mutual, the bus driver quickly ejected him.. In addition to his foul smell, he was shouting that robots were attacking him.

Bus Warning Adverts!

2019-12-12 If the inside of your bus doesn't worry you, take a look at the outside of the bus above! You're seeing only one of the several warning notices "decorating" this bus. Welcome to Los Angles, those of you whoare2028 Olympic Visitors!

Simple Radio App on my iPhone; it is also available for Android devices.

2019-12-13: I installed this free version of the app yesterday and it is just great! Simple and user friendly. with a $3.99 upgrade available.  Now I can blot out the annoying on-the-bus noises and (Iff Wi-Fi operates as advertised) I have a great choice of programming.  Yesterday on my way home from work about 22:00 London time I I listened [Sadly] to the result of the British elections.  I say sadly, because I feel the British will feel that their emotional choice to leave the EU will redound on their economy, and may result in Scotland leaving the UK! 

Your Mole DOES NOT profit in any way if you install the app.  Presently, there have 8 stations programmed -not all of them show in the photo above.

Listen to Radio Classique here.

And, if you like Tejano and have the Simple Radio app, you can search for Tejano music and install that station. 

Yet another Free Rider with lots of luggage!

2019-12-14: The standing passenger (above) boarded via he front door and asked the driver for a free ride, then asked if he could board his luggage through the back door.  He got off walled to the back door and then loaded his luggage which constricted the other passengers from easily exiting via the back

Missing Bus Flag!
2020-01-17 This is the bus stop on the  corner of Imperial Highway and Hawthorne BL.  The bus flag is missing. Out of sight to the left left is a stop for a 120 line bus.  However, the "rapid 740 doesn't stop here, which denies passengers an easy transfer east or directly across the street, it is an easy transfer to the 120 Line, westbound to the Airport Green Line Station and then a shuttle to LAX. Or to 120 Line, for lots of eastbound options.   Further, if the LACMTA would walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk, passengers could ride to the South Bay more quickly on a southbound 740 "Rapid"; ("We pass you by and make the other guy's trip a little faster").

Finally, a longish walk punctuated by  busy street crossings, the first one, just after the Hawthorne/Lennox Station doesn't have signals and in practice is quite dangerous.

So there you have it, if no one wants he Rapid, it will be on is way with little inconvenience to anyone. 

One can see by actually using the system, instead of dreaming up sweet sounding platitudes about how great it will be in the future, actual improvements which could be made in the passengers experiences! Read my blog, do you think these highly paid "suits'" would want to ride buses and circulate in the milieu which I describe on these pages?  Hint: The answer is NO!

The LACMTA's antipathetic approach  to their work product is illustrated by two inflexible ideas that make them inflexible; (1) Rapid buses stops:
"Stations should be located to maximize connectivity with other [Metro Lines] Simply adding he logical suggestion Bolded, just above, would enable the stop at Imperial Highway mentioned above; Rapid Metro Line, Metro Rail, and commuter rail stations. Station locations must be planned to accommodate either 45-foot or 60-foot buses". (3) Daily Boarding minimums

2020-01-21: Good news, I think. When I transited Union Station, Two new rest rooms were open The older two were closed.  The good news would be that we end up with 4 restrooms in the entire system, doubling the  capacity!

2020-01-21: La Taupe rides several buses to end up meeting a good friend in Glendale.  We spend time taking a break in a Panera coffee shop.  Good coffee, lots of pastry choices and a moderate price. The first part of the trip is on the Silver Line (It's a bus, folks!). It was the first time the trip on a freeway since the Bott's Dots were removed. They were positioned fine for passenger cars, but the buses rode over a row on the left and a row on the right making it feel  like one was on a corrugated roadway!

Something like this!

2020-01-23: You mole is about to board a Rapid bus when he notices the graphics depicted below displayed in/on a window.

                              (1) Charging On-board  (2) Wi-Fi Onboard

(1) This in spite of concern about juice jacking 
(2) Wi-Fi  on LACMTA buses is a myth. In the past month  u Topo has had only one connection that could be even considered minimally acceptable. Usually all there is either no access point (AP) visible; there is an AP visible but it refuses to connect to my cell phone; Or it tells you unable to connect without giving a reason.

2020-01-25 And then there are those, ladies and men, who favour shrunken T-shirts and no underpants. Your Mole declines to present photos of this situation although it is not uncommon on Los Angeles public transportation.

2020-01-29 Now it appears that the LACMTA feels as though visitors to he 2028 Olympiad needs to have the Green Line extended to Torrance. What, in the name of Heaven for?  This in spite of the fact that Angelinos are fleeing the Metro (buses, at least).

The LACMTA does nothing for local users, except sing their own praises, while they seem to be going into a frenzy about these visitors.  Many of whom come from transportation rich environments and who will laugh at the tiny Toonerville Trolleys; with their narrow crowded cars with every manner of obstacle crammed into the rail cars. And we must not forget the olfactory punishment and language, easily overheard, which might otherwise be used in a prison.

Substantial Lady who Blocks one's passage

2020-01-29 aboard a 40 Line Bus: No one, other than a rail thing person, could get by this woman; because she insisted on standing in the aisle, NOT taking a seat. 

Photo of Rubbish Container showing Republic Logo.

Here one can see the "Republic Services Logo" on the Rubbish Container and a have better view of waste left in the bottom of the frame.  Which waste can attract pests, be the source of odors, and, show the sloppy work of Republic Services.

A better View of the Bottom of the frame and its' uncleaned trash. 

How many years has this stuff been there? La Taupe believes that the problem is in the way in which contractor employees identify their job.  E.g. "We empty the rubbish containers into our truck and move on". Instead of "We clean bus stops and make them pleasant for the public".

Nice work Republic? I think not! Nice work Mr. Washington? and the LACMTA staff?  Sorry, not at all!

This is one of the filthier bus stops!


When contractors are paid without having  their work product verifyed and without applying quality control, which is your job LACMTA!  Because, obviously, Republic Services isn't interested in quality controlling themselves!  

Breach of fiduciary responsibility? Absolutely! You, the LACMTA, are spending the  taxpayers funds WITHOUT ensuring that you are receiving full value.

All contractors work should be periodically inspected.  Invoices should be required to contain language similar to, "our work product fully complies with the terms of contract number <number>.  Failure to comply fully with the terms of the contract can result in a forfeiture of payment(s), contract cancellation and removal from the list of approved contractors.

One Giant leap for Anyone.
Can't any LACMTA operators drive??  Apparently not! This broadly shared lack of skill crates a danger for alighting passengers! In the long term we can expect serious accidents.

This driver is better than 95% of his fellows!

I would identify him by I.D. but it would probably cost him his job. Your Mole is sure that this driver makes lots of stops during his shift, but he still appears conscientious.

 Aisle Blockers at work!

Most buses have reduced aisle space; caused by luggage etc., big people and a failure of passengers to take a window seat or center themselves in the aisle seat. The man shown above is overlapping the right seat edge; he is not concerned about making the aisle more navigable.

Another aisle blocker is ready with his legs.

2019-11 Likely, he is ready to say "Have a nice trip, I'll see you in the fall".

Other hazards: Women who carry large heavy handbags. over their shoulders so that they swing out and strike passengers as they pass. Men can deliver the same punishment if they don't snug up their back packs, leaving shoulder straps and other straps to swing out behind them and strike seated passengers as the pass.  It is due to a lack of sensitivity!  Olympic Visitors are going to love this human contact, aren't they?

"All for You"? This is the LACMTA's express Raison d'être.

Unfortunately, it is not often followed by action.  For example, the LACMTA doesn't provide for rest rooms for the large majority of its' ridership.  Therefore this trite saying should be modified as follows: "All for You, except restrooms!"

The graffitists have struck again

2019-10-18: And indeed, they have struck in a highly professional manner.  

Viewing an enlarged photo (click TWICE on the photo) will display the graffitists warning above the rearmost two windows. 

Your Mole experienced what this meant for another rider aboard an M. V. Transportation bus.  When la Taupe boarded everything was eerily quite.  Usually all auto devises are in operation at full volume: Dispatch radio, ASAs, any driver commentary etc.  But all was quiet. This resulted in a passenger missing his stop; he was unhappy and let the driver know it. She blamed him for not paying attention.  Your Mole blames the driver for (1) not announcing to boarding passengers that the ASA was out of service and (2) not doing a drivers did before ASA. i.e., making stop announcements.

This brings to light  two other flaws in the M.V. Transportation's organisation: poor driver training and a basically a staff that thinks they are bus drivers while they should think of themselves as providers of a transportation service.

Nice Parking!

2019-10-23 Now this is a rare sight! An articulated 3-door bus parked at the curb, just an easy step away, making for an easy exit for ALL passengers.  Well, one out of a thousand isn't bad. Is it??

2019-10-15 On-board Wi-Fi Update
The On-board Wi-Fi situation has gotten much worse; it has been over a week since su Topo could establish anything like a reliable connection. It has become my firm belief that the on-board equipment is not fit for purpose, Vis., said equipment is too flimsy to standing up to the pounding it must take on the streets of Los Angles.  Below, we can see what to expect from the Wi-Fi available on board buses.



                                           NO WI-FI ON BUS 2!


So set your expectations EXTREMELY low vis-à-vis having fun surfing the Internet from an LACMTA bus.

Metro Stop Announcement which produces Silence

But, there is NO NOTICE of how to effect a repair. Although he LACMTA  becomes enamored with EVERYTHING; these devices soon fall into disrepair!

Another Bus Without Wi-Fi!

 The arrow on the right points to WiFi "available". But that turns  out not to be the case.

And another one.

Now you see it!

Now you don't!

But, in fact, it is NOT available! 

NO Wi-Fi-1

NO Wi-Fi

Yet, with all the money on glossy brochures which the agency wastes monthly, they haven't seen fit to produce a simple manual which explains why the user is seeing unable to join this stealth network.  Acceptable programming logic would tell us that: "The network is down"; "the signal strength is poor" etc., etc.

On board Wi-Fi seems to have gone the way of TransitTV, viz., " Now you have it now you don't". Without a murmur from the LACMTA as to what the plans or problems are; exactly what they a considering, if anything. It was "all for you and now it isn't??

More Aisle Blockers 
 Knees Legs, feet, garbage bags full of recyclables and, giant shopping carts 
all things—which block bus aisles.  This one could have been folded and stowed more conveniently, but that would have required consideration of ones fellow passengers on the part of the passenger.

Pasadena, seemingly marks its' bus stops.

But wait, not here at this Pasadena stop, where there are many buses stopping in the same area!

2019-11 A point where the passenger really would like to text for arrival times ,there are no stop numbers!

Dangerous Articulated Bus Interior!

2019-11-16: Su Topo has addressed this topic before, but since most people are not Industrial Engineers, they may not see the danger.  The arrow points to what is essentially a wire frame covered by fabric.  If an auto should strike this especially vulnerable portion of the bus, it will not stop! It will penetrate to the interior and depending upon speed and other factors may exit through the same fabric wall on the other side of the bus!! 

Your Mole believes that he gives sound advice when he advises you against sitting there.

The squeaky area doesn't always get the grease!

Another worrisome issue related to articulated buses is the metal turntable or Pivot, which is located to the rear of the dangerous seating section documented above. It is shown above with a portion of the floor cut away.

What concerns la Taupe about this area is the noise (sometimes a screeching noise) which emanates for the area.  It is a Metal on metal should be of concern to the LACMTA. Such noise can signal a lack of lubrication, bearing failures or other safety related problems.  One would think that the bus drivers would report this as a maintenance issue, but do they?  Unreported issues do NOT receive maintenance attention.  Attention will result when a bus tears in two at this point and spills passengers out into a busy street!

Thanks to Redit Ask Engineers: "How do bendy buses work?" for the Photo (above).

Above is the METRO bus stop on the south-west corner of Pico and Sepulveda

 Note this this stop is discharge only!, i.e., no boarding.

Above is the Sepulveda &amp; Pico  bus stop for the BBB 7 Line

2019-05-13: The arrow, outlined in yellow points to the very near Metro  bus stop, which has been recently designated as "Discharge Only!  This means that  a handicapped passenger from a BBB 7 Line (stop shown above) or alighting from a BBB 7 across Pico BL at the stop on the north east corner of Pico and Sepulveda would be denied boarding at this stop.  Yes it is less than two city blocks from the Metro bus's final stop; but this could be a difficult distance for a passenger who is physically challenged.  Again, simply reviewing the CHANGES made at this site, one would think that the LACMTA is staffed by insensitive ________?_______ (please fill in the blank).

Unleashed Dog on Expo Line platform
 A man allows his unleashed dog to roam freely on the platform.

The Dog, now leashed joins us on the train

The leashed dog joins us for a ride on the Expo Line "Trolley".  I read recently that bearded men harbour more germs in their beards than do dogs in their coats.  Right, but that still puts dogs in the number two spot!

Bike Hub at the Culver City Expo Line Station

Here is the notice which appears on the Culver City Bike Hub door.  

2019-05-13 Please read the notice.  Construction like "Come on in, (But the door does not open." will help you fill  in the blank above.  It may help bring words to mind.  Also e LACMTA want you to help diagnose their problems for them.  It is Hilarious!  

"The $1.4-million, 1,600+ square-foot facility is located near the City of Los Angeles and Culver City Expo Line bike-ways for convenient access to and from local destinations."  

Your Mole would like to comment that the Bike Hub seems not to be working too well! Especially when one considers the $ 1,400,000 price tag,  The memo included above does not demonstrate any real effort to get things fixed either.  La Taupe  has often said that with the LACMTAm maintenance is NOT their strong suite

Oh well. with the LACMTA, if it doesn't work, they can just walk away from it as they have apparently done in other cases and here. also.

New Type Arrival Notices.

2019-05-14 It is extremely difficult to produce a good photo of an electronic display, even with my quite good iPhone camera (Please note that my iPhone lacks a built-in radio Your Mole believes that Apple wants you to buy and listen to their Itunes!

La taupe refuses. Apple's Bluetooth sucks, too.  Your Mole thinks that they don 't want you to Bluetooth transfer your iTunes music to others.  There are several versions of this type which can be seen around Los Angeles.  It eliminates texting for arrival time.  So bite my tongue as I might; This Mole must use LACMTA and good in the same sentence.   Other lines had similar signage which ultimately failed and was never repaired.

In any event, the sign operates as well as one might expect and is readable from the pavement if not from my photo.

Spitting Image

Su Topo rode a bus down La Brea Avenue and took a seat behind a young man who, soon, about every 15 seconds, seemed to expectorate on the floor. After he left, la Taupe photographed the disgusting mess he made!  One could not make these things up!  Great transportation, good security, NO! Tight fisted management, YES!

Another bus aisle blocker!

A typical blocked aisle aboard an LACMTA bus; but frequently the person seated across the aisle would man-spread an place his legs so that they almost touch the luggage across the aisle.  There seem no end to ways in which people will block one's ingress/egress.

Rare and useful stop number signage!

While waiting for a 115 bus, your Mole took the photo (above) another of the few stops which actually have the stop number posted/.

Scooters?, Not on the pavement, Please!

2019-06-16  Another wait, this time for a 704 Rapid Bus, another photo. This time, one can see the prohibition of of Pavement scooting in the foreground (you will have to click on the photo, perhaps twice); then see both the warning and the two ladies who ignored it and continued on their way and endangered pedestrians, in the background.

I finally boarded the bus and found the only available seat was the rearmost  bench.  The day was already quite cool and behind me was a fan which circulated chilled air!

Are They all Slobs?

2019-06-20 I wait for a bus and look around the stop.  What I see makes me conclude that all passengers are slobs!  Click on the photo above (Twice for the largest view), and take a look at the litter discarded on the bench —including a discarded cotton bud!  Note also, just steps away, the rubbish bin just behind the Orange and white striped safety barrier in the background.

I don't know if all passengers are slobs, perhaps this is just another case of the 98% giving the rest a bad name.  However, I will continue to use the appellation, "slob" until I find a more descriptive term.

2019-06-23: This is the Sunday that the new schedules come out (The Shake Up). Amazingl, there are new schedules, for the first time that I can ever remember!  But the schedules are not complete!

Here is an annotated sample f the way they should have looked!

La Taupe has done what the LACMTA should have done!  Viz, include the stop numbers in the schedule, just as they did in Phoenix.  You know, best practices. Then riders could text for more accurate arrival information! Not scheduled, but actual arrival times.  This is an inclusion that simplifies things for the ridership.  Doesn't it Mr. Washington? 

Bus 9399 -06-24@ 15:11

2019-06-24@ 15:11: Your Mole broke his trip at Inglewood Transit Center in order to document the bus above because of the on board actions of the driver. She seemed to be very much in a hurry,  I suspect that it was her last trip of the day because she called for all door boarding and didn't have people TAP in or pay fares. Although she was a Black woman, she said "Vamonos!" There was NOTHING wrong with the fare box because when several of us tapped in earlier in the trip, the farebox was working.  

You Mole sees this as a breach of duty; failing to collect fares.  If the LACMTA wants to find the driver, I've given them more than enough to do so: Bus number, exact date and time: from the date-time of the photograph. All shown in the photo caption above.  Free rides would certainly increase the ridership but who wants to travel with such a rude, "Let's go" type of driver. Not me!

Japan has it all: Bullet Trains, subways, regular commuter trains; all of which are fast, safe and comfortable. 

Here is the train which I would like to ride, it is called the "Train Suite Shiki Shima. Here is a look at the on-board accommodations offered by this 100Km/Hr non-bullet train.


This is how the Las Vegas RTC (Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada) handles "Free Riders) as opposed to the LACMTA's giving away the store policy!

Bus Flags without Stop Number

This is just another example of quite a number of bus flags which don't have stop numbers indicated. The intention was to be able to text the Next Bus, oops, I mean the Next Trip system. This Mole will never understand the reason  was it was renamed  from the original developers and owners designation, Next Bus, to Next Trip. 

Stop Number as a Texting Artifact!

These signs are rarely seen these days.  But they can be found by the careful observer. There seems to be unexplaine and unexplainable growth spurts around the city along with the usual "ringing silence" from the Taj Mahal.

Texting for the bus arrival times has been a highly hyped feature and now stop numbers seem to be disappearing from the flags?  

Is this yet another case of the LACMTA becoming enamoured with something that is too costly, or requires too much maintenance to continue?  Think TransiTV!

Your mole has theories: Either (1) they put signs up in the wrong order; (2) the texting load was to great for the LACMTA's IT infrastructure;  (3) they found a way to charge for the service using an "app";

These signs keep reappearing, as if by magic?

Sometimes you see them, other times you don't!

Crenshaw Line - Rapid Transit

This portion of the Crenshaw Line is rapid transit, i.e., grade separated (Manchester at La Brea).  Lots of places on the Crenshaw Line operate at grade and wait for traffic signals.  They have recreated the old Red Line model.

Crenshaw Line - Mess Transit (In Process)

This portion of the Crenshaw Line is at grade (Arbor Vitae north of 
Aviation) and therefore mass transit. It is a streetcar that will bring traffic on this busy street to a halt and possibly halt itself or definitely proceed at a reduced sped, after the barriers are lowered and then creep across the street.  

At one time the LACMTA knew how to build rapid transit, example: the Green Line.  They stopped building rapid transit when they felt that saving money was more important. A likely decision when you consider that LACMTA management almost never ride their system.  It management rode the lines, all stations and bus centers would have restrooms!

The LACMTA Toonerville Trollies

Crenshaw Line, Expo Line (and other lines) as Mess Transit!

Combine rapid and mass Transit in one line and you have created Mess Transit.


Bringing better service to others, by bypassing you♪

So, equal taxation but unequal provision of service that is the LACMTA way.  But it is time to bring an end to that approach.  This Mole has commented on the Rapid service in the past.  Pointing out that Rapid lines don't always stop when the cross other LACMTA lines, nor do they stop at county facilities, e.g., the excellent Los Angeles County Libraries.  Why not?  Well one could ask the Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Association.
So what if the line took six minutes longer but, some students could get to a library sooner.  And while they're at it, stops should be added for Los Angeles City Libraries too!

 This Is Not Rapid Transit

The photo above concretises the idea that the EXPO line will not deliver deterministic travel because, look at the signals and the traffic folks, it isn’t RAPID TRANSIT.

At one time the LACMTA knew how to build RAPID Mass Transit, viz. the Green Line.  Take the Green Line ratio of aerial portions of the line to total length of the line, let's call this the Mole's Index of Rapidity [MIR in acronimic form].

 For the Green Line the ratio is 100/100!  Not so with other recently  built lines; the Expo and Crenshaw Lines which both have lower indices of Rapidity.  Any value less than 1 shows that determinate travel times are impossible. The overall MIR for the LACMTA's built portion in miles is 20/105 which is equal to 0.1904 ... much less than 1! The result is a fifth class transportation system; one befitting a third-world country.

Your Mole feels that by showing you month-by-month examples of the LACMTA's  failures, you will come to see that throwing more money at this dysfunctional organisation is not the path to a transportation solution. It is a direct path to more money wasting by the LACMTA.

he LACMTA seems exceedingly proud of their accomplishments: no doubt it is due to the fact that they never leave their Taj Mahal offices, visit their facilities and see their handiwork as we passengers do!  Shown below are three scenes, all photographed during a 10~15 minute period from a Toonerville Trolley 

View from the bus stop

There are two reasons why bus stops in Los Angeles are so filthy; 1.  most passengers cannot extend their arms more than 10 Cm to reach a rubbish bin if their lives depended upon it; and 2. the LACMTA  is incapable of supervising those who are paid to clean the bus stops and, as a result, do a fifth-rate job of it.

Incidentally, the man who is partially seen on the right of the photo above, spent the time we waited for a bus placing each shoe in turn, on the the bus bench seat while he polished his shoes.  

Second opinion: Many passengers lack a sense of obligation to their fellow riders.  this fellow didn't care if granny soiled her dress because of his thoughtlessness!

Views from the platform

Here is litter which passengers freely toss into the rail bed. 

The same rail bed, different rubbish.

You can speculate as to, exactly, what this bit might be?

Expo Line Bus Stop with NO Rubbish Bin.

One needn't wonder why rubbish is ankle deep everywhere.

The push is on to complete projects before the Olympics come to Los Angeles, so that the traveling public an be amazed and delighted by Los Angeles fifth-rate transportation.

The LACMTA would much rather patch it up than build it correctly in the first place.

As an example. in the case of the Orange Line (It's a bus folks!)  The plan to begin a seven year program to place crossing-gates at thirty-five intersections where streets cross the bus route.

Presently, the main safety feature is the bus driver.  The effect will be to add additional an additional measure of safety while slowing the line.

What they should have done in the first place is build the route as aerial (elevated) rapid transit in the first place. 

But these technical matters are decided by the politicians who make up the LACMTA board; they would rather make every possible mistake and then patch it up.  This process inevitably yields a fifth-rate "system".

Eye (and Ear) to the Rail

As I listened to a radio broadcast (KNX1070NewsRadio,  A Metro PR flack boasted about what a wonderful organization the LACMTA was.  She should try being a passenger, I thought.  Included in her pitch was "We do everything for you!" or "Everything we do is for you!",  or words to that effect.  It should have been  "We do everything to you!".

That would make sense as, one of the things they have done for us is eliminate the sale of day passes.  Which passes allowed a pass, which could be purchased on any bus for $7 to be used from the time of purchase until 03:00 the following morning.  Now working passengers must scramble to find a bus pass vending location which will never be as convenient as the first bus which you board!  Your contribution? Making a difficult day intolerable!

Providing bus drivers that cannot place their bus parallel to the curb and an easy step away.  Your contribution? Placing seniors in danger with a long step down and a hard jolt at the end.  

Then there is the LACMTA's assertion that We are making transfers smoother.  If you don't count that an out-of-service fare box will prevent you from adding funds to your TAP Card; should you hav funds on your Tap Card, an out-of-service fare box will prevent you from making the transfer and the Muni (Not LACMTA) bus to which you transfer will take their full fare from you card; they will do this silently.  If you don't have an amount that will cover their full fare, I'm quite sure that they will invite you to try the pavement.

They offer you neither a Tap Card statement nor an audit report. Monetary losses? Too bad.

This system has all the indications of being designed and programmed by very junior staff, without sufficient experience to cover system failures!

Before broadcasting the hype the PR department should consider the reality of the LACMTA'S ridership. The LACMTA the intellectual capacity to proper analyze transportation and formulate a proper response.  The proper response is not the we ar great and we operate the best transportation in the galaxy. This is their version of the "Big Lie" propaganda technique!

This Mole has lived and worked in NYC, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Canada, Chicago etc., etc. He has seen lots of best of transportation alternatives but never in Los Angeles. The transportation in Los Angeles is made by politicians and others who wouldn't recognise a transportation professional if one delivered a judo throw to them.  Worse than that they run a organization who feels it an honor to be called a cheap #$%^&amp; *( @#))&amp;! Whilst they run an understaffed intellectually deficient organisation focused on maximising bonuses.

Transit as unseen and unimagined  by the LACMTA

The LACMTA (Subordinate to LAWA)


Every Which Way But Right!


Four (OR Five) Seats to LAX!

The LACMTA Tries Again; Asymptotically to reach LAX!


Metro is the worst way from the City Center to the  LAX Airport!

The purpose of this section is to make people aware that the LACMTA is not home to many problem solvers. I hope to accomplish this end by presenting the solutions adopted by other cities, some in foreign countries, in solving the city to airport rapid transportation challenge.

Cautionary Note: Those employed by the LACMTA, LAWA  or CHSRA should NOT view the following video(s). The speed of the train(s), the fact that they neither share the right of way nor stop at stop lights, because they are truly rapid transit, will likely make you dizzy, nauseous, confuse and frighten you.

FINAL WARNING: N.B. LACMTA, LAWA OR CHSRA staff and management, avoid cognitive dissonance, DO NOT CLICK on THE LINK BELOW!

While the LACMTA attempts to hype its Toonerville Trolley system and CHSRA ponders the necessity of safety features, forward thinking planners in 2007  have already bullet trains at speeds in excess of those planned for California.

This section has been devoted to pointing that the LACMTA is far behind the rest of the world in rapid transit.  La Taupe has pointed out that fact on innumerable occasions.  Their approach, rather than providing Los Angeles with a transportation legacy of which to be proud, prides themselves on building cheap, loo-less infrastructure. 

CHSRA struggles with its' "Bullet Train" technology of the past, while the rest of the world is building high-speed comfortable Mag-Lev trains or other fast 

Metro's Flag a revés

At sea, a vessel in distress will fly its' flag upside down. It is only right that, given the dysfunctional LACMTA, we should fly Metro's flag in that manner.
In this section it is su Topo's intention to call your attention to situations which he has observed that highlight the "LACMTA Way" of doing things.

Gina Marie Lindsey (LAWA Executive Director (2007-2015)

An "homage" to her "contribution" to LAX transportation.

Your Mole would like the former head of LAWA remembered for her "contribution" to Los Angeles area public transportation. She was quicker than her former contemporary, the former bus driver who was head of the LACMATA, to implement the lucrative FlyAway service and discouraged all attempts, however feeble, to bring other modes of transportation to LAX.

Too, we should memorialize her attitude against public transportation directly serving LAX.  She stymied the "transportation directly-to-airport access pattern" used by many, if not most, world-class airports, to wit, "you go under the airport, it is fraught with problems, ...” [hardly a get it done attitude!].

The Mole readsΩ the papers and other things, obviating the necessity of your doing so.

Ωand sometime listens to various radio broadcasts, podcasts and/or TV Broadcasts. 

Please use the links provided in "Works Cited", Below and read the 

entire articles written by the hard-working reporters, included just below.

This from an advert in NYC.

The New York Times reports (Fitzsimmonds) on the move by the NYC MTA, to using contact-less cards to pay transit fares. This is much more than a TAP Card (The TAP Cards as implemented here in Los Angeles by the LACMTA have LOTS of accounting anomalies. The "Big Apple's Chase Card will likely show (as a normal person would expect—transit expenditures will appear on your monthly statement. 

Ms Fitzsimmonds writes: It can often feel like New York City’s subway is stuck in the Stone Age compared "with systems in other cities across the world. Trains built in the 1960s still run on the subway tracks and parts of the signal system date back to before World War II.

Not as your Mole currently finds that somewhere a non-Metro bus has taken more than the expected amount. Given the situation here where the Metro support staff was never able a report that showed by bus organisation,exactly how much would be deducted. The LACMTA was suggesting that one maintain a Tap Card balance of way more than this Mole was ready to risk. Also, that obtaining  refunds was a hopeless endeavour! 

The OMNY Web Page (Way to go "Big Apple"!

Than you New York City MTA  for leading and showing the way!

see the site @https://omny.info/

This will address just one of the annouancements to which we are subjected to here in Los Angeles, viz. that there is no accounting for monies which  the LACMTA takes from one's tap card and also the  fact that we should (they  suggest) keep an unreasonably high amount on the  card.  While this Mole begrudges them even any minimal amount he  keeps, for transfer payments, think, $1, on his card.  

If Ms Fitzimmons feels that  NYC  is in the stone age, she  should come Los Angeles to see a what bad transportation is really like. 

The Chicago Tribune tips us (Wisniewski) about how to be safe as you ride the CTA services —which  tips apply equally to Los Angeles.

Ms Wisniewski writes: “Some recent high-profile incidents, such as the stabbing of a subway musician on the Jackson Red Line platform and a man shot during a robbery on the Blue Line at the UIC-Halsted stop, have unnerved some CTA passengers.”

Now this is proactive! Not like the LACMTA's options: Use the platform telephone (good like on communicating in the  high noise environment; Use the on board telephone (Good luck with that as I belive the train operator must be an intermediator); Use the Metro app; call the Sheriff's telephone number (good luck with that if a perpetrator hears you!)

Amny.com informs us (Mitchell) about the installation of Bus Count down Clocks in New York City. Mr. Mitchell writes: “It may not make the buses come any faster, but West Village residents will have a better sense of travel time thanks to newly installed countdown clocks at Bleecker Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan.” 

We had a similar system here in Los Angeles when the 720 Rapid buses first started running on Wiltshire Bl.  The cllocks soon suffered from the LACMTA’s failure to perform maintenance and soon stopped displaying times altogether.

The Dallas (TX) Morning Herald (Jimenez) reports on the status of their planned “Bullet Train”.

Mr. Jimenez writes: “Here’s how Dallas expects its new climate plan to ‘transform’ transportation infrastructure”. “The rail line will use the latest model of the Shinkansen train. In Japan, that model — called the N700S — seats over 1,300 passengers. It will be adapted for Texas. Modifications could include extra air conditioning and wider seats, according to Holly Reed, Texas.” and “The rail line will use the latest model of the Shinkansen train. In Japan, that model — called the N700S — seats over 1,300 passengers. It will be adapted for Texas. Modifications could include extra air conditioning and wider seats, according to Holly Reed, Texas.”

Mr. Jimenez, nice work! “Welcome to su Topo’s blog!

Your Mole thinks that everything is bigger in Texas, including brains.  How about buying the system from the country that have been operating it for DECADES cf. what was done by the CHSRA where the motto, apparently is, “we’ll keep trying until we get it right or run out of money.” 

The difference between the CHSRA and the LCMTA is infinitesimal, except that the LACMTA has their hand deeply in the tax payer’s pocket with less oversight than that found at CHSRA.

If those Texans ever need to justify their approach, they can read Ralph Vartabedian’s reporting .

I’m not happy with the fact that I can’t include short fair use quotes from those reporter’s work. Month’s ago I received an online warning about copyrights. Must be the new ownership?  I can’t remember exactly, but I believe my first (and only) offence was to attempt to copy several short sentences.

After the L.A. Times system presented me with a warning, along with possible penalties, I stopped covering the Times reporters; although the brief excerpts presented here were seen, usually, weeks after the Times printed them [sigh].

Mr. Jimenez, nice work! “Welcome to su Topo’s blog!
Your mole thinks that everything is bigger in Texas, including brains.  How about buying the system from the country they have been doing operating it for DECADES cf. what was done by the CHSRA where the motto is, apparently, “we’ll keep trying until we get it right or run out of money.” 

The difference between the CHSRA and the LCMTA is infinitesimal, except that the LACMTA has their hand deeply in the tax payer’s pocket.

If those Texans ever need to justify their approach, they can read Ralph Vartabedian’s reporting in the LA Times on  CHSRA, the "Bullet Train Project Manager"—who chose to do it all themselves from scratch, with predicable results, viz, cost overruns,incomplete and/or conflicting  specifications,poor oversight, waste and abuse (if not fraud)—  Ralph is a great reporter, who I like along with several others who report for the L.A. Times.

The ajc.com infoms us(Weikert) of MARTA's $24.7 billion plan;  [Metropolitan Atlanta's Regional Transportation Agency plans to revitalise their city's transportation. Mr.Weikert wrutes: "Metro Atlanta transit ridership is declining. MARTA hasn’t laid a new rail line in a generation. Transit construction is dwarfed by road building. But in coming decades, new rail lines may sprout from the existing MARTA system. An expanded network of commuter buses may ferry passengers across the region. And hundreds of thousands more people may have  easy access to transit.more people may have easy access to transit.


The LACMTA ranked Number 14?

Click Here To Find Rankings of US  Transportation 

Yes, it's true! The LACMTA is ranked 14th.  But don't ask the majority of the Los Angeles ridership what they think.  Especially when the badly need a bathroom break!

The Chicago Sun-Times explains (Letters) about merging the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority and METRA (Chicago's extemsive Commuter rail system. Which is somewhat like, but better than, Los Angeles' Metrolink.

King5 reports (Crowe) that Seattle has experienced violence on their light rail system. Mr. Crowe Writes: On Friday, three men were shot on a northbound platform of Westlake Station downtown. One shooting victim died. Police announced an arrest in the case on Monday evening. 
On Saturday afternoon,  Man was stabbed on board a light rail train in Seattle. The victim rode to the University of Washington station before exiting and seeking treatment. The suspect exited near Pioneer Square and was followed by a fare enforcement officer until police made an arrest. 

Please take a look at Flix Bus for truly low fares and Wi-Fi that, I understand, actually operates!

Where available, links to the reporting is provided in “Works Cited”, Vide infra.  Please use the links to read the complete articles because your Mole can only include "fair use" portions and, of course, you will have a more complete understanding of the story.


Sky and Telescope has an excellent article on Frame Dragging here.
The article features some interesting aspects regarding of mass warping time and space and documents the first case of frame dragging in our  galaxy, in addition to that of our home planet. 

Bravo! and Thank you to skyandtelescope.com for allowing us to read this interesting article. 

 Fare Box OOS and related Lists of Shame
I.D. Numbers of buses with Out of Service Fare Boxes:  

Note: No or few entries above do not necessarily mean all fare boxes are in operation.

I.D.Numbers of Distracted Drivers: xxxxx (i);
None included here, but observations of a minor nature may be included in the main posting;
Codes: (i) Extended conversation(s) with passenger(s) or (ii) cell phone call(s). Frequently, details can be found in the text above, (ii*) cell phone call(s) which are aggravated by some other action, (iii) Self-distracted. Codes (ii*) and (iii) will ALWAYS be explained in the posting.

I.D. Numbers of Buses Defaced by WhoIs stickers: xxxx;
~UR or +UR = (+URsticker and the ugly residue left after passengers partly remove the sticker. (~UR) = Only the ugly residue left after passengers almost completely remove the sticker. +L = an old (legacy) sticker black letters on a plain white background –these are the original form of the defacement.
* Another reason for displaying the operator's ID on the internal display and the headsign.

ID numbers of Buses whose Head and Tail signs disagree:  noted asxxxx/xxxx;
Format is Bus number followed by Headsign number/Tailsign number.

ID numbers of Buses without Braille signs: xxxx;

METRO drivers Lack of Basic Technical Skills
The format is Driver number F[{Y/-n/+n}] C[{Y/N+/-}]. Meaning of F if Y the driver stopped with the Bus stop “flag pole” somewhere between the bus front door frames. A negative number, e.g., -3 is the approximate distance in metres (think yards dear readers) between the nearest bus door vertical frame member and the flag pole signifying that the bus stopped short of the flag. A positive number, e.g., +3 (metres) is the approximate distance between the nearest bus door vertical frame member and the flag pole signifying that the bus stopped past the flag. The value for C[{Y/N}], “Y” tells us that the driver stopped within an easy step from the curb to the bus, “N” means it was NOT an easy step from the curb to the bus. It is this Mole's belief that an average experienced good driver should be able to control his bus so as to position in near the curb and with the flag pole slightly to the front of the bus.

I.D. numbers of drivers who are unable or unwilling to position their buses parallel to the curb, a short step from the curb and/or equidistant from the vehicles exits. At the present time (2016-05-31) there are too many drivers to name, whose skill at parallel parking is deficient .
XXXXX F[+0] C[Y]; F[+7], C[Y]; xxxxx F[Y], C[Y]; xxxxxF[Y], C[Y]; N.B. distances are in metres, think yards.
13 metres is this is MORE than a 40 foot bus length. nnnnn* = Contract Driver

I.D. numbers of drivers who are almost guaranteed to give you a Rough and Jerky (R&amp; J) ride: xxxxx;

I.D. numbers of drivers who will give you a potentially life-threatening ride:
Codes: S = not wearing seat belts; J = bad judgment (unsafe driving practices).

La Taupe's Abréviations
ADADO = Automatic Destination Announcement (on) Door Opening. This feature is installed on many buses and operates on extremely few. Another “money down the toilet” LACMTA investment. La Taupe that this is intended for the visually impaired because people who can see can read the “head signs”.

ASAS = Automatic Stop Announcement System the GPS (Global Positioning System) driven mechanism for generating audio for the upcoming stops. N.B. Because of the low power (read weak) processors used in the on-board stops may be too close to identify stops separately. This is known as a granularity problem. Then too, if the driver operates the bus at speed above the speed limit you will find the system “back announcing” stops which you have already passed. I find that this will NOT keep some drivers from complaining “that you didn’t signal (ring) in time”. They don’t understand their relationship to the system and how, by driving faster than the GPS computer, they can bias it.

BART = Bay Area Rapid Transit – Please note the use of the word “Rapid” because it is a word we almost never hear in Los Angeles.

BBB = Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus

CHSRA = California High-Speed Rail Authority, which is the equivalent, in more
ways than one, of the LACMTA.

CC or CCMBL = Culver City (Municipal) Bus (Lines)

CCTC = Culver City Transportation Center this is the place formerly known as FHMTC = the Fox Hills Mall Transportation Center (Sepulveda&amp; Slauson)

DTLA = DownTown Los Angeles

FFE = Full Fare Equivalent (presently $1.75)

GTrans (Gardena transit?) formerly GMBL = Gardena Municipal Bus lines

ITC = Inglewood Transit Center

LAWA = Los Angeles World Airports.

LAXCBC = the LAX City Bus Center.

LDOT = Los Angeles Department of Transportation

OCTA = Orange County Transportation Authority.

OOS = Out Of Service.

Rapid Transit = does not compete for right of way, that is, it will not run at grade unless it has EXCLUSIVE DEDICATED USE of the right of way).

R&amp;J = Rough and Jerky [ride].

TT= Torrance Transit.

T1= the normal type of driver/staff.

T2= is the non-stop talker type of driver/staff, on the phone or to passengers,

T3= the uncommunicative type of driver/staff, sometimes surly.

TOSB = Transfer on second boarding [Still without a clear and unambiguous definition]

WLATC = the West Los Angeles Transportation Center (Fairfax &amp; Apple)

Su Topos Disclaimer and apologia
Your Mole always attempts to write an easy-on-the-eyes page using text input. Blogger.com however, has other ideas and will often not stay with a single font type or point size, produces extraneous spacing and etc. I wish I had time to debug the HTML which they produce, it is NOT the straight text which I pasted into the form, but I don’t. Therefore, I apologize on behalf of Blogger.com for the changes which they make, of which I do not approve. Sometimes, what I see, thankfully you don’t, is 24 point type –it is giant and other times they swallow my text, although it still seems to be there. In fairness to them, things seem better, although this is partly because I do understand which of their “features” do the most damage to me and consequently do not use them. Communicating these problems to them, for me, is something like having teeth extracted without the benefit of anesthetic, actually it is less fun than that. By their design, there is no simple e-mailing them with "Please look at my say, posting of 2009-06-28, it is weird!” I have been submitting feedback and experiences slow but positive progress. Until all issues are resolved, lo siento. [Addenda 2014-07-31]: Things have been much better lately. There is a more responsive feedback system now. [Addenda 2015-08-22]: Recently, even the "Feedback" mechanism has failed to submit problems. [2015-12-31] The feedback section disallows screen shots which show problems with the "final posting", such as, orange sections which cover blocks of text and change the font size. All it would take is allowing and attachment. But, ... [Addenda 2016-03-31] Since Blogger.com forced me to learn HTML 5, I can fix "many" of the problems which apparently were caused by using Word notation in "imported" files. The mystery failure to save problem still occurs but have diminished. [insert crossed fingers icon here :-) ].

I like blogger.com very much, and IF things ever normalise, I will consider deleting this "Disclaimer and apologia" section.

Your Mole’s Copyright Statement

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There are no exceptions.

Date: 2009-06-24 s/LametroMole

Works Cited 

So Long, Swiping. The ‘Tap-and-Go’ Subway Is Here." nytimes.com. 2019-07-30. Web. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/30/nyregion/metrocard-mta-subway-discontinued.html

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Weikert, David. "Agency plots new transit course for metro Atlanta". ajc.com. Dec. 11, 2019. Webhttps://www.ajc.com/news/local-govt--politics/agency-plots-new-transit-course-for-metro-atlanta/RVwVsBUS1LZLvNBcvFqSBJ/

Wesniewski, Mary. “With CTA crime in the spotlight, here’s how ‘L’ riders can stay safe” chicagotribune.com Feb.20,2020.  Web. https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/transportation/ct-biz-cta-crime-l-safety-tips-getting-around-20200217-jjbwb732pfgizks4njetjnuppe-story.html

Please use the links found in “Works Cited”, above and read the cited articles in their complete forms; as written by the hard working reporters! Your Mole can only provide a "Fair Use" introduction to the articles. Except for the L.A. Times which denies even these short introductions under threat of action. 

An artifact of the streets of Los Angeles, created by a brother Mole!

### .. . ###

The above is ### 30 ### in Braille


Furtum a taxpayers, puniendo viatorum.

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