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Either not much was happening or I missed the local articles while working in Northern California. The Times seems to have cut way back on LACMTA coverage??

The Mole Rides Again - so that you don't have lose any sleep

One thing I especially like about San Francisco's Muni is their transfer policy. Transfers are multiple-use within the time limits indicated. They are much better than the LACMTA's “Day Pass” and allow one to get lots done on a single fare payment. Admittedly, the geography of “the city” has much to do with that.

I made a quick trip back to SoCA and rode a few buses and trains.

On board a 267. Two young ladies, Pasadena Cordon Bleu students, sit side by side, one dozing with her head on the other's shoulder. While sleeping her knife case drops to the floor. S it lies there, I consider the number of germs, and the germs disgusting source, that are likely infiltrating the bag. That same knife case will, no doubt, be place on a food preparation surface at Cordon Bleu. I have removed the Cordon Bleu student restaurant as a future lunch spot. I have eaten there in the past and found it good, but ...

I am taking the Green Line-> Blue Line-> Red Line -> Gold Line route to Pasadena. It is early Saturday morning. One woman applies Gold nail polish and another is applying something to her eye area. Another woman looks sleepy and allows here once white apron strings to trail on the train floor – she is on one indeterminate side of her job – coming?, going??

On board a 111. One thing noticeable about the Westchester area, especially around Manchester and Sepulveda is how dirty it is! There is litter everywhere! It drops from overflowing trash cans, blows in the wind or just lies in the streets. One wonders what kind of cleaning plan exist, if one does indeed exist, for the area. The City Bus Terminal near LAX is dirty too, with LOTS of graffiti!

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